Onyinyechi Nneji

Jan 27, 2019

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As a business owner the most important aspect of your business is REVENUE and a fashion business, the value of your revenue is very related to how your brand is perceived. Pictures are one of the key elements of perception for a fashion brand. So if you would like to take your fashion business to seven figures in monthly revenue, you might want to pick a pen and jot useful information from this blog post.


fashion business

From my experience as both a fashion business owner and consulting for small business owners, I’ve noticed that a lot of business owners are not particularly sure of what category their business falls into and that’s why so many business owners are not getting results from strategies their using. It’s important to remember that not all strategies work for all kinds of businesses and this strategy is specially for fashion business owners.

So if you do any of these things you are a fashion business owner

-Do you sell clothes?

-Do you sell footwear?

-Do you sell jewelry?

-Do you sell bags and belts?

-Do you sell caps and sunglasses?

-Do you sell hair?

-Do you sell cosmetics?

If you are retailing any of these products, then Let’s help you increase your revenue!!!!


Product Photography vs Lifestyle Photography

The kind of product picture shows how your products look and adds interest to your catalogue and let’s not forget that if you are a small business in Nigeria this would also increase the credibility of your business and separate you from scam pages.

According to many experts, lifestyle photography is not a very efficient tool in selling products and while this is not to invalidate the importance of lifestyle photography, this is just to explain that while it would get you views and engagement, it might not help you to convert leads. Lifestyle Photography can be very focused on the environment and thus the product tends to disappear into the ambience. You don’t want this because the major purpose of your pictures is to get your customers attention to your product which would generate sales and increase your revenue.


Now that we have established that product photography is very different from lifestyle photography and is also a more useful tool in converting leads and making money, here are some tips on how to properly take product pictures.


I kind of feel like when you started reading through you thought “oh well…I don’t have a camera”. While a good camera would greatly improve the quality of your pictures, Cameras go for about 100k to 300k if you are being cheap…that’s a lot of money and a good photoshoot is about 20k to 50k and that’s also expensive and not sustainable in the long run as you would be doing 6–10 shoots per year. So let’s use minimum cost to make more money. You can still take really good pictures with your phone.


Pictures of same item in sunlight and in a dark room

It’s very important to have good lighting when taking your pictures. Are you thinking of taking your product pictures in your dark room??? DO NOT DO THAT. It’s also really important to know that NATURAL LIGHT IS THE BEST KIND OF LIGHT IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO RENT A STUDIO. Thinking of getting low budget lighting? That’s a waste of money and don’t forget we are trying to use money wisely. Try taking a picture outside between 10am-3pm and check out the difference. Low cost. High rewards.


Product shoot with props

Props give your picture life. They basically add to the aesthetics of your pictures but try not to spend too much money on one set of props and that’s because you’d need to keep on getting a variety to keep the pictures looking different and interesting. Props include magazines, fur, different background colors and patterns, pinecones, flowers, plants etc. I recommended purchasing from @simbi_props on Instagram @joola_props on Instagram as well. They both have nice stuff at affordable prices.


Edited Photo vs Original Photo

I can’t count how many editing apps I have installed and that’s because a lot of apps have different necessary features and sometimes a little brightness and a lot of saturation can be all your photo needs to pop. You’d however want to be careful not to alter colors when editing. This can put you in a lot of mess…. Trust me, I know. Try out SNAPSEED it’s an amazing app and I love the selective feature and guess what its free.


If you must use a model you want to exclude showing the model’s face. Product photography really focuses on details of your products and if you must show your model’s face stay away from bright colors of make-up. No red lipstick or purple eye shadow please. Keep all the focus on your products, your customers don’t need to know how pretty your model is. It’s a PRICEY distraction.

If you are however selling beauty products (i.e. make-up, hair), PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU. You want your customers to absolutely see how beautiful your model is.


The major difference between Product and Lifestyle photography is the DETAILS. As someone selling the product, what do you want your customers to see? What’s that part of your product that would blow your customers’ mind or the part of your product that would convince your customer to get your item? What’s your wow factor that would help you close that sale. Have you figured it out? Now take a picture showing it from an amazing angle.

CONCLUSION, at the end of the day, the most important thing apart from all my useful tips is PATIENCE. BE PATIENT, IT’S A LEARNING PROCESS. It may seem overwhelming right now but after a few rounds you would become a natural and don’t forget, WE DO ALL THIS FOR SALES.

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